Announcing The Green Tunnel Podcast Ambassador Program

January 31, 2022

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications to be a Green Tunnel Podcast Ambassador for the 2022 hiking season!

If you are planning a thru hike, section hike, or a series of day hikes this year, AND you love listening to The Green Tunnel Podcast, you would be a great Green Tunnel Ambassador! Ambassadors will help us out by agreeing to share some social media posts about The Green Tunnel Podcast to their followers throughout the course of the year. In return, you’ll receive some Green Tunnel swag, get a feature on our channels, and some re-supply boxes to help you out with your 2022 hiking endeavors.

What will be in the re-supply boxes? It depends on what you need. We really appreciate your willingness to share The Green Tunnel Podcast with your followers, so we want to reciprocate that by sending you what you need the most on your hike. We can’t sent a full pack full of supplies, but some trail food, favorite snacks, a bandana – those sorts of things we’ll pack together with care in thanks for spreading the word about our podcast!

If this sounds exciting to you, we encourage you to apply with the form below! If selected, we’ll get back to you with the specific details on posts, re-supply boxes, etc.

Apply Below!

Please note that this form is an application only, and does not guarantee that the applicant will be selected as an ambassador for The Green Tunnel Podcast.

So we can contact you regarding application status.
Will you be a thru, section, or day hiker in 2022?
A social media presence is required to be a Green Tunnel Ambassador. Please share your handles with us so we can verify that you have an established account(s).

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